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About weeklyspecials.

Weeklyspecials is all about making specials easy to find.

Weeklyspecials is not a shopping site, it's a site where stores can post their specials (and classifieds) so they can be found, by store name, suburb and product.

Initially, it was about Chinese Grocery stores being cheaper than supermarkets, but because of the lean times around the world, people not only want to save on groceries, but also on tyres, clothing, cellphones and much more. So we hope to be able to extend our reach to as many countries as possible.

We try as much as possible to ensure that stores that list with us, are reliable, honest and genuine enterprises. We have started listing companies in China whom we are either related to, or have done business with, so that shoppers can buy from them with confidence.

The new weeklyspecials still needs more work, but we will get there, and hopefully help people save on shopping and more

Ric Chan

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